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BCCL team celebrates International Women’s Day

In the run up to International Women’s Day this year, the BCCL team got into thinking about the reality of being a woman in today’s times. Today a woman, is a professional, a homemaker, a primary care giver, a teacher, a sister, a mother, a wife. In short, SHE is a real multitasker!

While some of the roles she has been born into, some she has taken up during course of her life and some just happen as she moves through her life. Interestingly many of these roles are influenced by the stereotyping that exist in the society that we live. Throwing light on this topic of knowing, seeing, and understanding stereotypes, BCCL hosted an exclusive online session titled ‘Exploring stereotypes through myths and fairy tales” for all its women employees.

The session was about questioning one’s own mindsets or beliefs around stereotypes and realizing that unless we #choosetochallenge, we could become self-limiting prophecies.

To celebrate our women employees, the team also sent each of them a customized goody bag, which created a lot of excitement, and envy!