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Bajaj Zero Grey Hair Oil™

Helps Fight Greying*^ of Hair Naturally

  • It increases the Production of Natural Black Color of hair cells by 5 Times*
  • It contains natural actives that help delay early greying. Enriched with the goodness of ingredients such as henna, shikakai, onion, hibiscus, and kalonji along with almond oil, it fights early greying in a safe manner.
  • Expert root applicator for ease of oiling

™Zero grey is a trademark and not a product claim Basis In Vitro study
*Study conducted on melanocytes (melanin forming cells) has shown increased level of melanin. Melanin is pigment responsible for color of human hair
^Anti-oxidant study

Available Sizes: 100 ml, 200 ml

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Helps delay greying* of hair naturally

Contains 5 natural actives i.e. Henna, Shikakai, Onion, Hibiscus, Kalonji, and Almond oil

It increases the production of natural black colour of hair by 5 times*