In the course of using this website, mobile applications or its custom extensions or availing the products and services, BajajCC and its Affiliates may become privy to the personal information of its Users, including information that is of a confidential nature.

BajajCC is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its Users and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the customer information and its transmission through the world wide web and it shall not be held liable for disclosure of the confidential information when in accordance with this privacy Commitment or in terms of the agreements, if any, with the Users.

ajajCC endeavors to safeguard and ensure the security of the information provided by the Customer. BajajCC uses 128-bit encryption, for the transmission of the information, which is currently the permitted level of encryption in India. When the information provided by the Users is not transmitted through this encryption, the Users' system (if configured accordingly) will display an appropriate message ensuring the best level of secrecy for the Customer's information.

The Customer would be required to cooperate with BajajCC in order to ensure the security of the information, and it is recommended that the Users necessarily choose their passwords as per BCCL Password policy. The Users should undertake not to disclose their password to anyone or keep any written or other record of the password such that a third party could access it.

BajajCC undertakes not to disclose the information provided by the Users to any person, unless such action is necessary to:

The Users shall not disclose to any other person, in any manner whatsoever, any information relating to BajajCC or its Affiliates of a confidential nature obtained in the course of availing the services through the website. Failure to comply with this obligation shall be deemed a serious breach of the terms herein and shall entitle BajajCC or its Affiliates to terminate the services, without prejudice to any damages, to which the customer may be entitled otherwise.

BajajCC will limit the collection and use of customer information only on a need-to-know basis to deliver better service to the Users. BajajCC may use and share the information provided by the Users with its Affiliates and selected and credible third parties (subject to suitable confidentiality obligations) for providing services and any service-related activities such as collecting subscription fees for such services and notifying or contacting the Users regarding any problem with, or the expiration of, such services. In this regard, it may be necessary to disclose the customer information to one or more agents and contractors of BajajCC and their sub-contractors, but such agents, contractors, and sub-contractors will be required to agree to use the information obtained from BajajCC only for these purposes. We may share your contact details with our trusted third-party partners, who are subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations, to enable us to provide you information about our products and services.

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